About us...

How we started...

The boys were looking for something new and challenging and had finally settled on llamas.

Thanks to the generosity of Kay and Norris Berg of Valley View Acres, Adam and Derek were the proud owners of VVA Red's Earth Angel and VVA Corbin Blue for their 2008 4H Lama project. 


Adam and VVA Red's Earth Angel

Derek and Jazzie Ragtime

Samantha and PH Perseus

And so AdDe's Humming Llamas was set into motion, initially starting out as a 4H farm. Soon, we began attending open shows such as Heartland and Llamapalooza. It was then we began to understand the depth of the llama community, their kindness and willingness to teach others, and the intricacies of breeding these wonderful animals.

Isaac Beck and VVA Red's Earth Angel after a fresh bath at Heartland Llama Show

Adam and Samantha with VVA Red's Earth Angel and VVA Shasta at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, their first solo show

Julie and Adam just before the Halter class with VVA Red's Earth Angel and VVA Shasta at the Gathering in Des Moines, IA

Their love for these exotic animals was contagious and spread to the rest of the family and close friends. We soon began organizing our own events such as this trail walk at Lake Louise, MN